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People ask what it’s like to be a hair studio stylist & owner all the time. I tell them that each day is another great opportunity and chance to explore and make wonderful changes in people’s lives. It’s rewarding because I get to do just that – through hairstyling! To see a client leave with a smile makes each day a blessing and reminds me of why I began this journey in the first place. Since my graduation from Upper Bucks Votec School of Cosmotology, I have had many experiences that I would never have otherwise, had I chosen another career. To stay sharp and on top of latest hair techniques, I am always continuing my education. BIG dog lover – I support our local Pennridge area Pups for Vets program #PupsForVets. See: [LINK] Providing adoptions for so many dogs in need and owners searching means a lot to me!
Favorite color: Red
Past time: Beach/sunny days & dogs

Hair Studio 1208


I’ve been doing hair in the industry for over 28 years, and I must say, each day opens new horizons! I graduated from Western Montgomery Votech and am still surprised about how many new things I learn at each hair expo we attend. Needless to say, attending shows, talking with other professionals in our field, and learning from master hairstylists is so much fun. Continuing education this way keeps us engaged and inspired with new ways of appraching hair in this ever changing industry. Coming in to work and doing my job each day is great!! I enjoy making clients feel so good about their image using all the latest styling tools and trends of the hair industry.
Favorite color: Teal
Past time: Gardening and dogs

Hair Studio 1208


I am an energentic shampoo girl here at HairStudio1208. I am currently enrolled at Upper Bucks County tech school for cosmotology. My Favorite thing to work on is hair and I can’t wait for my future as a hair stylist. Each day is a new learning experience and I love working with new customers, as well as our regulars. When I’m not at work I enjoy reading, walking dogs, and helping out in the community!
Favorite color: Orange
Past time: Dogs and helping others

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